ACTION ALERT: Incredible but true. Indian Lake goose hunt may be targeting a pair of geese.

Next Saturday, September 22nd, North Huntingdon is holding yet another goose hunt at Indian Lake.

Because images can speak louder and truer than words, here’s a link to a short video taken last Friday at the site, which exposes the truth behind North Huntingdon’s claim to having a goose “problem?”.

These hunts have been held for several years now, despite lobbying from residents demanding that non-lethal methods be used, despite issues with stray bullets reaching nearby properties, and now, despite the fact that there are scarcely any geese at the site!?It doesn’t get any more transparent than this that this hunt is organized to satisfy a small group of hunters who want to take pot shots at semi-tame geese habituated to people.

The hunts were announced to the public with one week’s notice. We can only imagine that hunters were given a “heads-up”? way beforehand so that they could block their Saturday morning, while leaving very little time for opponents to organize. However, opponents have been monitoring the site over the spring and summer and documenting flock numbers. Since this year’s breeding season started, numbers have been very low, usually no more than a dozen geese at the site at any one time during the summer, suggesting that the geese have a preferred site now. And at the last visit,?there were exactly two geese.?So believe it or not, we may see eight men with eight guns turn out to try and kill two geese.

This hunt is unnecessary, cruel and pathetic. At the last one, one goose was killed and was killed badly – brought down wounded and left to flounder for a long period in the lake before finally being “finished off”? by a retriever dog. Moreover, we observed shooting into a mix of ducks and geese, so the little duck flock at the park is also at risk.
We need your help. Please do one or more of the following things to make sure that the few geese at the site don’t get massacred next Saturday and help put an end to these ridiculous hunts:

  1. Email or call North Huntingdon Commissioners, and Parks Director Dan Miller (details below) who have consistently ignored input from residents and refused to implement a complete Geesepeace program. Tell them there is no conceivable way they can call this an “overpopulation”? and demand that they cancel the hunt.
  2. Join us to protest the hunt at Indian Lake. We will be there from around first light until the hunt ends (between 10 am and noon usually) but if you can’t make it for the whole time, just come for a while to show support. Indian lake is located on Clay Pike (about a mile down from route 30 on the right). It really helps to know you’re coming so we can have signs as needed, so email us if you think you might be there.
  3. Forward this email to friends and family in North Huntingdon and surrounding area and request that they contact officials.
  4. A special request: we would like to borrow a long-range video camera (focus at minimum 100 yards). If another goose is going to suffer the same fate as the one last year we want clear footage of it. Please email:? if you can help.
  5. “Like” the?Protect the Indian Lake Geese page on Facebook for updates.
North Huntingdon contact information:
David Herold ? / 724-864-7237
Zachary Haigis? / 724-396-1122
Brian West ? / 724-515-7282
Richard Gray? / 724-864-7316
Anthony Martino ? / 412-751-0998
Lee Moffatt ? / 724-863-3233
Donald Austin? / 412-751-1801
Director of Parks and Recreation:
Dan Miller ? / 724-863-3806
Thank you! If you have any questions, please email us at
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