North Huntingdon goose hunts suspended

Video: North Huntingdon resident Chad Raith talks about the ineffectiveness of local goose hunts

According to recent media articles, North Huntingdon has suspended its now annual / bi-annual goose hunts held at Indian Lake (Westmoreland County).

These hunts have been targeted by animal protection advocates for years on the grounds that they were not only cruel and ineffective compared to a carefully designed non-lethal approach, but also potentially dangerous to humans. Activists who had witnessed hunts during previous years were alarmed that the hunters were located near residences on one side of the lake and, on the other, so close to a housing project and a school bus stop (buses came and went as the hunts proceeded). Those alarm calls were laughed off by local officials who claimed that humans would never be placed at risk because residences were all far beyond firing ranges.

That all changed last month after two local people claimed that trees in their backyard were hit by buckshot during the first hunt this year. The issue of the school bus stop being so close was finally acknowledged too, although the incidents were blamed on an “irresponsible hunter.” All further hunts have been suspended pending an investigation. It’s HOP!’s hope that the suspension will become permanent and that North Huntingdon officials will finally acknowledge that these hunts are dangerous and unnecessary on every level.

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