Help, I found an injured or orphaned animal!

This orphaned raccoon kit was lucky enough to be brought to a wildlife rehabilitator

So you’ve come across an animal or bird who appears to be orphaned or injured?Appearances can be deceptive though: a scared opossum really will “play dead” and it is quite normal for fledgling birds who are still a little wobbly in their flight to be out of the nest, while closely observed by their parents. Likewise, a fawn being left by herself without her mother for long periods is quite normal, whereas this would not be a normal situation for a young raccoon. So, before taking any action and assuming that an animal needs your help, either call your local wildlife rehabilitator for advice (list of local rehabbers below) or consult the extensive information provided here by Centre Wildlife Care. And remember, exercise caution with wild animals at all times!

Wildlife rehabilitators in the Pittsburgh area:


Animal Rescue League Wildlife Center

6000 Verona Road, Verona, PA 15147


Flying Mammal Wildlife Rehab Center

21 Parker Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

312 343 3639


Wildbird Recovery

120 Forsythe Road, Valencia, PA 16059



Pamela Paulisick

Fawn Meadow Farm

6192 Kemerer Hollow Road

Export, PA 15632

Wildlife Works, Inc

Box 113, Chestnut Street. Ext.

Youngwood, PA 15697


For contacts in other counties, visit the Pennsylvania Wildlife Rehabilitators’ website

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