Exclude + Evict = Co-exist

Every year thousands of animals are needlessly killed in our region, simply because they are perceived by someone to be a nuisance or a danger. However, the fact is that this approach never solves the issue in the long term, and can even make a workable situation much worse. Read the individual animal pages in this section to find out why a policy of “Exclusion + Eviction” is always preferable over killing when dealing with otherwise healthy animals.

We will be adding new pages on specific animals regularly. For more information on how to evict or exclude an animal from your home, visit the HSUS Wild Neighbors site here. And in terms of resources for ┬áhumanely “excluding or evicting” wildlife, HSUS has produced a detailed pamphlet, which is downloadable for free from their website here.

Photo courtesy of Critter Cans

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